Frequently Asked Questions

How does U R DUE ensure that patient data is secure?

U R DUE follows strict data security protocols and follows all PIPEDA guidelines to ensure that patient data is secure. All employees receive regular training on privacy and data security, sign a confidentiality agreement, and we only use secure technology and infrastructure to protect patient data.

What is the main purpose of outsourcing patient outreach for dental clinics?

The main purpose is to improve the patient experience, increase efficiency, and support the overall success of the clinic. U R DUE provides calling services to help schedule appointments, communicate with patients, and handle collections, freeing up time and resources for the clinic to focus on providing high-quality dental care.

What are the benefits of using an outsourcing service for patient outreach, in comparison to an in-house receptionist?

Using an outsourcing service offers several benefits over using an in-house receptionist. It provides a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to patient outreach and have more time to spend on the phone with patients. Additionally, an outsourcing service has the resources and expertise to handle a high volume of calls and manage complex tasks, such as insurance collections, efficiently.

How does U R DUE handle insurance collections?

U R DUE has a team of professionals who are trained in handling insurance collections and have the resources to manage this process efficiently. They use secure and up-to-date technology to process insurance claims, and work with insurance companies to ensure that collections are handled accurately and in a timely manner.

How does U R DUE handle appointment scheduling for dental clinics?

U R DUE provides a team of highly trained professionals to handle appointment scheduling for dental clinics. They work with the clinic to develop a scheduling system that meets the needs of both the clinic and the patients and use automated appointment reminders to help ensure that patients show up for their appointments on time.

How does U R DUE handle patient communication in a professional and friendly manner?

U R DUE provides a team of highly trained professionals who handle a variety of patient needs and inquiries and use automated communication tools to help keep patients informed and engaged.

What sets U R DUE apart from other outsourcing services for dental clinics?

U R DUE sets itself apart by providing a highly personalized and customized approach to patient outreach and communication. For example, U R DUE works closely with each clinic to develop a customized plan that meets the specific needs of the clinic and its patients and provides ongoing support and resources to help clinics stay up to date on best practices. U R DUE also has a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to improving the patient experience and supporting the success of dental clinics.

What benefits can I expect from outsourcing my patient outreach to U R DUE?

By outsourcing your patient outreach to U R DUE, you can expect improved patient experience, increased appointment booking and collection efficiency, better overall health for your patients, enhanced communication and follow-up, reduced dental anxiety for patients, and better management of patient information.

What kind of services does U R DUE offer for patient outreach in a dental clinic?

U R DUE offers a range of services for patient outreach in a dental clinic, including hygiene booking, treatment booking, follow-up calls, patient collections, insurance collections, and general patient communication.

What is the process for setting up and implementing U R DUE’s services in my dental practice?

The process for setting up and implementing the services in your dental practice starts with an initial consultation to assess your specific needs and goals. From there, we will develop a customized outreach plan of action and implement it to ensure a seamless integration of our services into your practice. We perform each step in full collaboration with the on-site team.

How does U R DUE handle patient calls outside of regular office hours?

Our team members work throughout the year, including evenings, weekends, holidays and during regular business hours to handle patient outreach and achieve the most successful bookings. This ensures patients can get the assistance they need, even when your office is closed.

How does a patient know that a member of your team is calling from my clinic if your team works remotely?

Our team uses a VoIP phone system that allows them to change the caller display to reflect your clinic’s name. This results in increased patient trust when the outreach calls are made.

Does the team book the appointments directly in my schedule?

U R DUE requires a workstation to be dedicated to our team. They use secure remote access tools to connect directly to your patient management system, review each patient’s chart and make sure to book it optimally.

Which patient management software do you work with?

U R DUE works with all patient management systems that are on the market. Our team of professionals have many years of experience working with all major practice management systems and can seamlessly and successfully use any brand of practice management software.

How much does your service cost?

As our services are customized for each clinic, we require an initial assessment meeting to determine the cost of services and expected results of the outreach calls. The assessment meeting is free and carries no commitment on your side.

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